Social Media Strategy: Best Ways To Engage Your Fans [Infographic]

When it comes to engaging fans on facebook, not many brands do it better than Coca-Cola. As of the time I’m writing this, they have over 52 million fans, and if you look at the Coca-Cola facebook page, you’ll see it’s full of fun posts and fan engagement. The team of people who set up their social media strategy definitely know what they’re doing. Richard even wrote about their success in 5 Crucial Facebook Practices That Helped Coca-Cola Reach 50M Fans.

Does your brand have a social media strategy which includes encouraging engagement with your fans and followers? Have you put it into practice or are you just winging it? In this infographic called Do You Know The Best Way To Engage Your Users by ShortStack, we see some of the most effective ways to spark fan and follower engagement. This data is from a survey taken with 860 respondents. In my opinion, that’s not a large enough group of people to make broad generalizations, but this information is still very relevant.

According to this, incorporating contests and sweepstakes into your social media strategy is very effective for engagement. We have personal experience with that here on Bit Rebels, and I have to agree, our readers love those. Engaging fans in social media can be tricky for brands, which is probably why putting together an effective social media strategy can be tough sometimes. There is a balance between being fun and likeable yet maintaining your professionalism. What methods have you used to engage your own fans and followers? Again, referring back to Coca-Cola, they obviously make this a top priority because some of the photos they post just to spark engagement look like works of art. I wonder how many people it takes to execute their social media strategy. Hmm…

What’s Your Social Media Strategy To Engage Fans & Followers?

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Via: [Michael Litman]