5 Crucial Facebook Practices That Helped Coca-Cola Reach 50M Fans

If you are a company or a brand, being on Facebook can sometimes seem daunting since your immediate thought was probably that you would do really well there. After all, you have a kick ass idea, at least according to you and your partners. However, the reality is entirely different. In order to really succeed on Facebook as a brand, you need to be creative and keep up constant interaction with your fans or subscribers. It’s one of the most important aspects of succeeding on Facebook at all it seems. Coca-Cola recently became the first consumer product company to reach 50 million fans/likes on Facebook. There are several things we can learn about their Facebook practices that could possibly up our game on this giant social networking service as well.

Even if I wanted to, I probably couldn’t list all the different posts or articles on the Internet that try to tell us exactly which Facebook practices to follow in order to accumulate a huge fan base. The thing is, there are just too many factors that play a crucial part in why people will like or fan your company page on this almost 1 billion strong social networking service. However, what we can do is learn from Coca-Cola about how they manage to keep their fan base engaged and continuously sharing what they share and say through their Facebook practices.

It’s rather simple really, but before we get into all that, we need to talk a little about why Coca-Cola was the first consumer product company to reach 50 million fans in the first place. The obvious answer is of course that Coca-Cola is the world’s most recognized carbonated soft drink. There is literally not a single country in the world that doesn’t know what Coca-Cola is. You could most likely ask anyone on the entire planet and 999 out of every 1,000 people would probably know what it was. So that is a factor we have to weigh when we go through the 5 things Coca-Cola did in order to reach their huge fan base.

Coca-Cola’s Facebook practices are quite simple and straight forward. By looking at this infographic created by 500 Social Media Marketing Tips called 5 Ways Coca-Cola Reached 50M Facebook Fans (And What You Can learn From Them) we can derive a clear path and some pretty easy Facebook practices in order to up our own Facebook fan base. It’s clear that engagement is the key to success on Facebook, and that you have to go beyond your own immediate and important message sharing and interlace it with some funny, adorable, geeky, hilarious and sharable content that will make your brand look like you’re not just about me me me.

What we can learn from Coca-Cola’s Facebook practices is that we have to stay connected with the fan base itself. We have to teach ourselves to see things from their perspective and ask ourselves what they would enjoy getting out of liking our Facebook brand page. It’s really not harder than that. It’s not rocket science, and it certainly doesn’t take up your whole day in order to pull some eyeballs over to your Facebook page. So, look into these 5 Facebook practices and ask yourself if you doing any of them. If you aren’t, it’s definitely time for a change.

Coca-Cola’s Successful Facebook Practices

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