Social Media Tip | Make Sure You Follow Through!

So many people are embracing Social Media.  It’s great seeing people getting their news from Twitter. Now, watching reruns is no longer a hassle, no need to save TV shows because you can see them later on You Tube!   You no longer feel left out, because you see what is happening with your friends and family via FaceBook or through picture sharing on Flickr or Picasa!!

With consumers being so involved in social media, brands are now also trying to get some attention through the different social media platforms!  A lot of brands are very successful, but some have not been so lucky! Well, if you rely on luck alone, then the campaigns are already doomed for failure. One key that a lot of brands tend to forget is making sure they follow through! Its a process, a 360 degree process! There are several ways for a brand to follow through:

1.  Be Consistent – Okay, you are so excited and wanted to get super involved with Twitter or you have gone ahead and started a group page or a fan page on Face Book. That is terrific, but what some brands fail to do is to update. The platform is useless when you don’t use them!

2. Be Reactive – Okay you update your Twitter or your FaceBook Fan Page or you share content on your blogs on a regular basis. That is fantastic!  Another way for people to lose interest with your brand is you fail to engage and converse! It is great to talk but better to listen and share!

3. Be Available – Make sure that you are available, set up a customer service portal where people can share their concerns and be able to speak with you openly. There are even tools on Twitter that allow your customers to get in touch with you real time.

Remember, setting up your social media accounts can be easy, but making sure you follow through will enable to allow your brands to be successful with their social media campaigns.

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