Social Memories: Turn Your Facebook Activity Into A Book

Four years ago, if we asked our friends whether or not they were on Facebook, we got a lot of funny looks. However, not anymore, people communicate so differently now than even just a few years ago. The majority of conversations between friends and family now happen on social networking sites. Times have changed so much that instead of asking someone to call us to remind us of an event or special occasion, we now opt to tweet or Facebook each other. We rarely exchange phone numbers, we mostly exchange usernames and urls. Many people have the Facebook app on their smartphones so they can update their family and friends anytime anywhere!

One reason Facebook has gained so much popularity is because of the many applications available for users to enjoy. Aside from the abundant number of social games, we have the option to check our horoscope, fortune cookie, gift our friends with virtual gifts, etc… One application will now even allow you to turn your Facebook activity into a book! The application, called Social Memory, is quite easy to use.

There are only a few steps that you will need to follow. First, choose your time frame. Next, the application will gather your information based on your selected time frame. It will take some time for it to do that, but when it’s finished, you can browse the content of your book. Lastly, when you are happy with your creation, you can order the actual book. After you complete these steps, your social activity on Facebook will be commemorated and compiled into 28 customized fun pages. Creating your book is for free, but having it printed will cost you 19 euros plus shipping. I included screen shots and a video walk through for you to preview before you try the application.

social memories Facebook Application

Social Memories Facebook Application Screen

Image Credit: [Valua Vitaly / Shutterstock]