Social Proof Website Tips Which Change Everything [Infographic]

So you have just launched your new website, and you are now wondering how the heck you should reach out the millions of people who don’t know about you or your brand just yet. Maybe you have even had your website live for a couple of years, and you are still wondering why people are not flocking to it like you were giving out free money. The reason could very well be that your efforts when setting up your page were in vain. I personally see more than frequently that people have misconfigured their layout, and as a result, they’ve prevented any kind of social virility to throw their website upwards on the visitor trend line. Before anything, you need to make sure your website has social proof and that people will be able to interact with it and about it.

It might sound like a lot to do, and you might have to hire a programmer once again, but never worry. It could just be minor changes that will do wonders for the social proof grade of your site. When I say that your site could be lacking social proof, I mean that it might lack the features that will enable visitors to really share your awesomeness, whether that be through tweeting, liking or any other kind of interaction. It doesn’t really matter what kind. You need to implement easy ways to show off your awesomeness and let people share it with their friends.

To social proof your website, you need to know a few things before you get started. There are some seriously simple steps that you can look through in order to completely make sure you are on the right path. Those solutions come from DemandForce (design by ColumnFive), and they will possibly increase your website’s interactivity and visitors by quite a lot.

There are only 6 simple fail-proof ways to social proof your website, and they are brought to our attention through an infographic called The 6 Fail-Proof Ways To Social-Proof Your Website. In the infographic, you will learn everything from how to let people tweet your content all the way to making sure you let your visitors express their experience on your site. All of these things are ultimately important in order to social proof your website. When you are done, you can expect a 30-50% immediate increase in traffic since people will find ways to your content that were previously unavailable.

It’s small things like this that will kickstart that website and brand of yours. Now all that is left after having social proofed your website is to create that sharable and outstanding content that will make your site irresistible to people. The more people who like your website, the more people will talk about it, naturally. But what you should remember is that word-of-mouth is the single most effective marketing technique out there. It’s the hardest to master, but when you get it right, nothing else comes even close to its effectiveness.

Ultimate Ways To Social Proof Your Website

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