Sweet Tweet! Nom..nom..

Design should not be limited to the use of a pencil, brushes, software like photoshop or illustrator.  When it comes to unleashing creativity, you can really use any medium that you are passionate about.   Found some real “Sweet Tweets” today, amazing how creative people can get. The Twitter cupcakes you see here are from Bakerella. She took a cake decorating class in 2007 and  since then she’s doing a lot of cakes and cupcake designs.  The eye for detail and the use of familiar elements like the twitter bird and her personal touches gave the dessert a big thumbs up for her clients and friends.  It would be a shame to bite into the the work of art.   And as a trivia, did you know that Twitter likes cupcakes too.  Found the video from @ijustine and her trip to Twitter office with some delicious cupcakes on hand.