Teen Speech |YouTube Channel for Teens!

Now the youth can share their thoughts and feelings to more and more people. Here is a group of young people who have put together a You Tube Channel called Teen Speech.  The aim of the channel is to be the more positive medium in sharing teen voice in the UK.  It was said by one of its members that they really did the channel, not just to be heard but also earn respect by  showing that even the younger members of the community can make a difference, that they too can have a positive influence to society.  The subject matter that they discuss comes from a wide range of subjects affecting the youth of today.

What’s the Teens’ Speech All About?

The Teens’ Speech is an open invitation to UK teenagers to address the nation directly on Christmas Day. An original, brutally honest and intimate look into the teenage life in the UK. Unexpected, unscripted, unprecedented. We’re calling on everyone aged 13 to 19 to film and share their views on a range of issues. Stand out contributions will be featured on our blog, and the most insightful and quirky contributors will get the chance to appear in the Christmas Day Teens’ Speech Film broadcast on MySpace.

The founder of the site is Barnardo.  Barnardo is a children’s charity that believes our country benefits from young people who are empowered, informed and can express their personal freedom.  Their real focus, however, is young people who have not had the chance to fulfill their potential. They  work hard to help teens turn their lives around. https://www.barnardos.org.uk/

Because of technology and the wanting of people to be heard more and more, sites like YouTube becomes one of the more popular sites that enables people to share and be heard.