The Facebook Dress: Wear Your Status Updates

When I first saw this Facebook dress, I thought there would be no way I would be caught dead wearing something so strange. However, you know if it was a Twitter dress I’d be wearing it everyday. Heeeeeeey! #twitterrocks

This little social media inspired mini-dress was created by Romanian designer Lana Balana. If you haven’t seen the designs on her website, I encourage you to check them out because they are just so interesting and unique. This particular dress is part of her graduation collection which apparently tracks a woman’s evolution from the initial stage of nudity all the way up to her upgraded virtual level of being.

This is only a one-off, and it isn’t for sale. It really just serves as a source of inspiration and a reminder of how much we are all addicted to Facebook. It’s hard to determine what it’s made of, but it looks to be some sort of plastic. There are so many people out there who are focused on combining technology and textiles that it wouldn’t surprise me if someday soon we will be able to update our Facebook status, and it will also automatically update on the front of a dress like this. You watch… It’s coming!

Wear Your Facebook Status Updates

Wear Your Facebook Status Updates

Wear Your Facebook Status Updates

Via: [Technabob] [Piccsy]