The First Ever Song Made From Your Tweets!

Twitter is a great community. I have been very active on the social networking site since December 2008, and I can attest to the power of a tweet. There are so many things shared on Twitter including information, inspiration, testimonials, laughter and even virtual hugs. Another big thing that people share is music. People share via, Grooveshark, and of course, YouTube.

A friend of mine on Twitter, Thomas Marzano, has been collecting the best of the 90s songs for people to enjoy when they are in the mood for a blast of tunes from the past. All you need to do is play your favorite 90s songs, and put the hashtag: #bestsongofthe90s in your tweet, and you will be included in the list.

Thomas is the Creative Director for Philips, and has been in the forefront of its innovative designs and technological advances. He loves design and while talking one time, he mentioned to me that one of his passions is music. Would you believe he wanted to be a rock star when he was a kid? I told him that I envy him since I love music as well, but I can’t even carry a tune. One thing that I admire is that he does all he can to fuel his passion. He has composed and recorded a beautiful piece called “Still.” He says his only frustration is that it lacks lyrics and vocals. He does not really intend to sell the song, he just wants the song to come alive. I know there are people out there who love to write music or sing. Maybe we can even create the first ever song with our tweets? You can send your thoughts on this to @ThomasMarzano via Twitter or leave a comment here to share your contribution.

I have included the video of the recording of the song “Still.” Share a tweet, and who knows, as a community we can all contribute and record the first song ever made from tweets!