The Importance Of Play During Working Hours [Infographic]

Most companies today have fundamentally missed the fact that engaging their employees in play and things that are fun is key to a healthy and growing corporation. I have seen so many companies get so far up into their own agenda that they really just… well, function. Employees complain when they get to work in the morning and complain when they leave because they have to come back the next day and do the very same thing again. It’s unhealthy not only for the people involved, but also for the company in question. It’s like they are getting hollowed out from the inside. We have seen some examples of really creative companies that put a little more fun into their daily lives with various tools, toys and what have you.

What I used to do on Fridays was to scour the Internet for creative work places and offices around the world. It is funny that the most geeky and fun offices I stumbled upon were almost always technology or web related companies that are über successful. There is definitely something to learn here, and I think that at Bit Rebels, once we get our real office, we’ll geek it out with some major fun stuff. I have already spoken to my co-workers about it, and they have the most rad ideas you can think of.

Socialcast decided to take a closer look at this phenomenon and bundled their data into a nice infographic. When you first start reading it, you will be alarmed that less than 10% of employees understand their company’s mission statement. That is to me one of the biggest fails a company can make. I mean, here at Bit Rebels we pride ourselves on the fact that everyone is as actively involved as they want to be. We will never force anyone to participate; however, getting closer into the core group will certainly add to the overall adventure here. Have a look at this infographic and make the appropriate changes to your company because you will definitely benefit from it. Play is equal to creativity, never forget that!

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Importance Of Play In Enterprise