The LOL on Twitter: Is It Genuine or Bogus?

I wrote an article here on Bit Rebels about an app that shows you if you talk too much. In that article, some interesting conversation began in the comments. @CTK1 and @AskAaronLee brought up some good points in their funny discussion. One of @CTK1’s questions really stayed with me – how do we know when an LOL is genuine?

In case you are unfamiliar with what LOL means, most people agree that it means “Laugh Out Loud.” There are a few select people that insist it means “Lots Of Love” or “Lots Of Luck” – however, I believe that the majority of people that use this acronym on Twitter intend for it to mean “Laugh Out Loud.”

Assuming that is the case, and since LOLs are in almost every other tweet in my Tweetdeck, does that mean we are all a bunch of crazed laughing lunatics or are we all bogus? Maybe we are “Lying On Line” instead.

Do you actually laugh out loud every time you type a LOL?

I know for me, I laugh at my computer screen all day, and yes, I’m a little crazy; however, for the most part, I think the definition of a LOL may be evolving. Of course, we all use it for the traditional meaning, but also, I see it being used to lighten the mood sometimes.

For example, if there is a sensitive subject or a very serious matter being discussed or debated, I see people using an LOL to show that they are being easy going, and casual, instead of all uptight and stern. I know I’ve used it in that reference many times. So, maybe someday, the definition will change from “Laugh Out Loud” to something that might be more appropriate like, “Living Our Life Lightheartedly.” Oh wait, that would be LOLL.

This video below is hilarious. This guy talks about skyping his friends (webcam) and watching them type LOL but their faces don’t move. It’s true, if you are being genuine and laughing out loud, your face should probably move. Haha! He goes on to identify those fakers at the end.

The more I type about this, the more I think we all have way too much Twitter time on our hands to discuss such silliness, but it sure is fun. I’ll have to add this to my guilty pleasures list.