The New FaceBook Redesign | Do You Like It?

Just like Twitter, FaceBook has been making a lot of changes with its interface and making adjustments to help their members/users engage with their friends and family with greater ease. The redesign was rolled out last month.

At first, I said, “What? Another redesign?” The day came for the roll out and the new design was implemented. The biggest change was the homepage where you get the news from friends and family. Now you can really see what his friends and family are up to. There is no way you will miss going to the Home News Feed since your favorite applications can also be found there. The redesign is good for brands that update their Fan Pages regularly.

It is also good for people who like interacting with friends and family. Do I like the redesign? Yes I do. I noticed that it really makes it easier to see the updates of the people you care about and the people you love interacting with. It is simple, clean and easy to look at. If you think about it, it is now as simple as Twitter. The only difference is that you can comment on updates like you would do so on blogs and click on “like” if you appreciate a link or an update.

How about you? Do you like it? I included a video created as a way for people to learn the functions of the redesigned FaceBook interface. It’s just a guide for those who are still getting used to the new look.