The Social Media High School Yearbook Poster Of 2011

Right about now there shouldn’t be many people out there doubting the power and impact of Social Media.  I mean, Facebook speaks its own language and every business that adapts social networking has pretty much doubled their revenue in a period of time that before would have been completely impossible.  We make new contacts and new business partners.  We find new ways to promote, deliver and share the experiences we find online as well as offline.  Always being connected doesn’t mean you’re living your life online.  It’s just a way to stay on par with the trends and happenings around the world that can either lift the experience of our own lives or the success of our own businesses.

What if we took this whole thing called Social Networking to a whole new geekier level?  What if Social Networking was a high school and all the sites were to graduate with their picture in a yearbook?  Flowtown has taken care of that for you.  They have created a high school yearbook poster of 2011 that will fuel that information craving of yours with plenty of new inspiration and ideas.

And yes, this badboy is totally for sale if you would like to put it up at your office or by the desk at home.  You’re able to purchase it off of Flowtown’s website for the geeky price of just $16.  It’s a cheap price for a piece of Social Media history being made.  After all, who knows how long MySpace is going to be around… or anyone else for that matter.  Well, Facebook might be around for a couple more years but who’s counting right? Err…

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Social Networking Services Highschool Infographic