The Twitter Environmental Effect: A Unique Doomsday Infographic

Yesterday my son asked me why so many people say the world is about to end. That is a loaded question when you think about it. He even mentioned a date when it is all supposed to end, which is tomorrow (January 2). I even found a countdown to the end of the world on My Countdown. At the time I’m writing this, we apparently have 13 hours, 34 minutes and 22 seconds left to live.

It seems the typical “end of the world” paranoia even reaches as far as social media. According to this infographic called The World Is Coming To An End #Blame Twitter, our tweeting is taking a toll on our environment and our health. This cheeky infographic was created for the Design The Future contest where the participants are asked to make a utopia or doomsday infographic. The grand prize is a 16GB iPad2. I think the contest is still going on if you want to enter.

I’d like to point out that I love Twitter, and the relationships and friendships that I’ve made as a result of Twitter are priceless to me, and they far outweigh any negative effects Twitter may or may not have had on my own health. I get so much valuable information on Twitter, and I actually think I’m a smarter person as a result of my tweeting.

I chose to share this infographic with you because even though it was created somewhat as a joke, from a global Internet usage perspective, it still really highlights the results that our technology addictions have on our bodies and our environment. If you really want to see what a future human body looks like after it’s been on the computer nonstop for an extended period of time, click over to The Impact New Technologies Will Have On Human Evolution.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is… Let’s all make a commitment to get out of our chairs today and take a walk, pet our dog, call a friend, ride our bike or even unplug for an hour! :) Thank you to my friend Sunil Jain for sending this to me.

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