The Twitterholic’s Guide To Last Minute Christmas Shopping

If you are truly addicted to Twitter, chances are, you don’t like shopping, especially Christmas shopping. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, and you don’t have to deal with any of the gift giving part of it, you are probably laughing your ass off at the rest of us.

From what I’ve found, most Twitterholics haven’t done much of their Christmas shopping yet. Since we only have about ten days left, and since I know you are going to wait another 9 days before you start, I thought I would give you some places you could go for those last minute gifts.

These places might not be the most glamorous, but hey, at the last minute, Christmas shopping comes down to a survival of the fittest attitude. Good luck! You can do it. And don’t forget to tweet us while you shop!

Grocery Store
Even if you show up to a grocery store on December 25th, in the morning, when everything else is closed, you should be able to find some gift cards hanging near the cash registers. If not, grab a package of yogurt covered pretzels and a red bow.

Pizza Hut
Nothing in the world says, “You are so special to me and I suck but at least I got you something” more than a large pizza with pepperoni. Your friend will love it! You can dine together while tweeting.

Liquor Store
You can buy this gift on the way to the party, with no pre-planning required, and the person you give it to will love it. This is the no-fail, perfect last minute place to buy Christmas gifts for all your fellow Twitterholic friends.

Movie Theaters
You can even leave your car running and scramble up to the window to buy your friend some movie passes. For that matter, you can also hit the McDonald’s drive through, they sell books of coupons and you don’t even have to get out of your car!

Gas Stations
Now it’s noon on Christmas Day, you have to buy a gift and everywhere is closed. Now what? Yep, you guessed it, that run down gas station in the bad part of town is open! Woot! You can buy dusty sunglasses from 1999, lottery tickets, candy and beer. Awesome!

Your Attic
Yes, true, it’s lame, but if you are in the last minute shopping zone, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Wipe the dirt off that ceramic frog your aunt gave you for Christmas ten years ago. Add a bow and poof! You’ve got a Christmas gift! Just remember to take the “Love, Aunt Betty” tag off the bottom first.

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