5 Reasons Why You Don’t Attract Recruiters On LinkedIn [Infographic]

Recruiters are taking advantage of the increasing number of people who find their way to a social networking service, and they incorporate social media into their daily operations. It’s a great way for people to present themselves and an easy way for recruiters to sit in their chairs and find the people they want to recruit. But it can be hard to attract the attention of recruiters if you don’t know what to do. That’s why I decided to share these 5 tips for how to catch the interest of recruiters on LinkedIn.

There can be many reasons why recruiters don’t find you or click forward to your LinkedIn profile. Some of them are easy to fix, and those are the ones we are going to have a look at today. The most important part of having an attractive LinkedIn profile is making sure all your most impressive and representative information is presented. Without it, you can’t possibly expect recruiters on LinkedIn to find it particularly interesting to check out what you can offer.

Even though you might have the most extensive skills and work history, recruiters on LinkedIn are very hard to impress, much less get to your profile. This infographic could have a huge impact on your ability to get recruiters to visit your profile. They are easy fixes that could have a vital impact on whether you receive job offers or not.

The infographic called 5 Reasons Recruiters Don’t Click Through To Your LinkedIn Profile is presented by LinkedIn In 30 Minutes by Donna Svei and Melanie Pinola. The fact that 97% of surveyed recruiters (a whole 160,000 of them) said they use LinkedIn to find job candidates should make you quite interested in optimizing your LinkedIn profile, right? Getting recruiters on LinkedIn to pay attention to your profile is what LinkedIn is somewhat all about. Social networking is not networking if you don’t network. So by getting introduced to professionals, you build your network and increase your chances of having recruiters find you.

LinkedIn In 30 Minutes’ – Attract Recruiters On LinkedIn


Via: [visual.ly]