Transparency vs. Anonymity: The Rules Of The Online World

Networking in today’s online climate can not only be a way to express yourself with the utmost transparency, but it can also lead to some rather unwanted side effects. People with the intention of causing you harm can twist and revert your accountability using tools that will have anyone on their knees before the truth actually comes out. Being completely transparent can also bring malicious people who stalk you to the degree where they are actually causing you inner stress by continuously treading in your footsteps to see what you have been doing. The choice is of course our own, and before getting started using Foursquare, Facebook or any other social networking site, each person should think about the consequences of joining.

What few people don’t know is that there are several social networks out there that actually are all for anonymity, and they strongly advice us against using any of the now popular social networking services that are wide open for pretty much anyone to sniff, spy, loot and slander whatever it is you are or have been doing. There is a network called 4Chan that is entirely anonymous, and it’s free for anyone to join, just like Facebook, Twitter or any of the other social networking services.

What 4Chan is all about is to keep the users as anonymous as possible, and that can, in many ways, be a good thing. However, there are of course down sides to these kind of social networks as well. For example, you can talk freely about anything you’d like without reprisals; however, the things you say can not entirely be trusted since you could very well be an impostor trying to spread garbage from your own mind. So as you can see, there are positive and negative sides with both, and it is up to you what to choose in the end. The only question that remains is what side you would rather join in order to network. So which do you choose?

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Online Transpiracy vs Anonymity Infographic

Via: [Namesake]