Twakin = Twitter + Talking

Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to talk with your Twitter friends? Here is a tool that enables friends to now talk with each other. (drum roll) Twakin

How does Twalkin work?

Simply log into our site using your Twitter username and password and set up your twalk with a couple quick clicks. You can have 3 types of twalks:

  • Private: only a select few can call in.
  • Public: everyone can call in and chat. (You can still mute and boot anyone who’s a nuisance)
  • Broadcast: only you or a select few can chat, but everyone can still listen in on what you’re saying.

Once your twalk ends, we’ll save your twalk for future reference. You can always refer back to it or share it with those who might’ve missed it.

Is Twalkin free?

Yes! It’s absolutely free to use our service. All you need is a phone and a free account with Twitter. You’ll pay for your phone service of course, but there won’t be any charges from from them.

Twalkin lets you easily connect and talk with all your Twitter friends. All you need is a phone and Twitter account!

What you can do with Twakin:

  • Have a private chat with your closest friends
  • Make a big announcement while your team or fans listen
  • Hold a conference call with a select few speakers

Video : What is Twakin?

What is Twalkin? from Twalkin on Vimeo.

Here’s a first look at our iPhone app that was launched in November 2009.