Tweet Seats: A Special Section In Theaters For Twitter Addicts

Well, hallelujah! As soon as I read about this, I instantly had to stop to write about it. Do you tweet, update your facebook status, text, pin and even check your email while in the movie theater? Do the people sitting around you give you the “wtf is wrong with you?” look when you light up the otherwise dark room with your smartphone? It’s happened to me many, many times. #dontjudgeme

If you’ve never done this, you probably have never been forced to sit through some boring ass animated movie for your kid. Tweeting, pinning, checking email and engaging with my friends online is a lifesaver in those moments, despite the nasty glances from the people sitting around me.

However, now there is apparently a new trend in theaters across the United States. Many of them are now featuring a section in the theater called “tweet seats.” They are like the old fashioned “smoking section” in restaurants. It’s a section of designated seats specifically for annoying people like me who pollute everyone’s experience with the light from their smartphones in movie theaters. After all, they say social media can be more addicting than smoking, so when you look at it from that perspective, why not? It’s a win-win, right? The movie theater sells more tickets, and people can have the freedom to do what they want while they’re in those seats. I like it. I like it a lot.

Not everyone is a fan of this new idea. The author of Tweet Seats Deserve To Be Booed Out Of The Theater wrote, “tweeting during a play is like eating corn on the cob in a truck stop bathroom. It’s just gross.” Whatever dude. You can read an in-depth article about this at Could Tweet Seats In Theaters Be The New Smoking Section?.



Via: [Geekosystem] Image Credits: [SFGate] [ars technica]