Twitter Is the Best Source of Online News!

I get most of my news from my Twitter Stream!  Just last Saturday, I got home at around 10:30 pm I opened my Twitter stream and found some messages from concerned friends via DM telling me to be careful and be safe!  So I checked out what was trending and I saw that there was a big earthquake that hit Chile and that a lot of countries including the Philippines were under Tsunami alert!  Imagine if i did not check my Twitter stream I would have missed it and since it was already late, I wouldn’t have seen it until the next day when I watched the news on TV.

Twitter has been very instrumental in bringing fresh updates of news from all over the world. We even get the news from the news makers themselves if we are following them!  I found two cool videos.  One is about how a reporter uses Twitter as a journalist and one is about how Twitter has become the news source for a lot of people!

What is cool with Twitter being your first source is that most of the people who report it send links that are relevant to the topic.  You will usually see a # hashtag that easily connects you to all related posts on the subject being reported on!  The topics vary from celebrity updates, to social and business news, to the breaking news on current events.  You also get technology news first hand!