Twitter Etiquette Guide To Increase Your Retweets [Infographic]

Is there really a way to increase the number of retweets you receive? There certainly is! It just might not be the insane increase you want. Twitter is a complex ecosystem, and if you don’t know what you are doing, you can easily waste days without even receiving a single retweet from your following. With the help of some standard Twitter etiquette, you can increase the number of retweets you receive by up to 50%.

As soon as I say Twitter etiquette, I am sure there are a lot of people who want to sound their opinion. It’s a strong phrase, and one that is divided into as many opinions as there are Twitter users. Twitter etiquette is different for everyone, and it should be. The way you want your following to act and react is of course entirely up to you. That’s why we have the ability to follow, unfollow and block people. Some people have a closed profile, while others invite pretty much everyone to follow them. Neither one of those choices is right or wrong, it’s just the way Twitter works.

When we talk about Twitter etiquette, there will always be an interesting debate to be expected. So how do you cater to everyone’s needs? It’s simple really, you can’t. Retweets are a good example of how this works. If you add a simple “Please Retweet” or “Please RT” at the end of your tweet, it has been proven to increase your retweets by up to 50%. However, there are people who think it’s obnoxious to add that since they will choose whether or not they want to retweet themselves. So what should you do?

This is where your choice comes in. Do you want to keep those followers or do you want to increase your retweets and possibly lose those followers instead? It’s not right or wrong to put a “begging” request at the end of your tweets. It’s just that some people don’t like it. As you see, whatever creativity you might come up with that could potentially increase your retweets is good, but it might also make you lose followers.

I managed to find an infographic presented by QuickSprout called The Art Of Getting Retweets which has all the answers for you. It will educate you about what Twitter etiquette really is, and what you may have to do in order to increase your retweets. In the end, it’s your Twitter etiquette and how much you want to bend it that yields the results in how many retweets you get. Is more retweets better than a larger following? I’ll let you decide that yourself. There are of course plenty more factors that affect the number of retweets you’ll get. Have a look at this infographic and decide what the ultimate approach to Twitter is for you.

Getting More Retweets Through Twitter Etiquette

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