Twitter In Real Life | Taking Twitter to The Streets

Are we all just a bunch of stiffs ans squares? Are we all to afraid to make a fool out of ourselves? Are we just simply too scared to say things out loud and instead use Twitter as a relief for everything we want to say? Sometimes it sure seems like it. Even though a lot of people are more than socially skilled they still use Twitter to say what’s on their minds. Well, fortunately Twitter wouldn’t have been as big as it is if it wasn’t for our willingness to share things from a secure position behind the keyboard.

But what if we actually went ahead and became all twitterlyzed and started tweeting in real life? After all, we are somewhat doing it already when we’re walking around with our bluetooth headsets speaking out loud for everyone to hear. It’s in my opinion to go halfway Twittering. Wouldn’t you agree?

But how would it be if we did it full out? Shooting all our thoughts straight out in public letting everyone know what’s on our minds the verbal way. Fortunately Dan Gurewitch from College Humor takes his tweets to the streets and gives us that perspective as well.