Twitter To Launch Redesigned Tweet & Follow Buttons

Twitter has been sporting the blueish Tweet button since it was launched, and nothing has really been changed with it since. I am sure that most people who have been on Twitter since the social networking giant’s early days know that in the beginning, Twitter used “Update” instead of “Tweet” to send out our thoughts and shares. However, since Twitter changed the label on the button, it seems things have pretty much been the same. If you are a web developer or a website owner, you might know that there is also a “Follow” button which you can add to your website which lets people follow your account directly from your site.

Recently it seems Twitter has listened to its users once again since they are now to launch a newly redesigned Tweet and Follow button. The redesigns are purely aesthetic, and it is an attempt to unite the look and feel of the buttons and also to sport a slightly more blue Twitter logo on both of the buttons (the blue bird as we have all come to know it). The Follow button will also now have the common bubble counter in which the number of followers you have is presented too. Also, the Twitter alias has been moved inside the button instead of outside.

All of these changes will be launched on the morning of December 6th and will be automatic. There will be no need to change out your buttons or tinker with any code as this redesign is entirely on the server side and will, at its launch, come live on your site at the exact time it is implemented. What these changes will mean for the number of follows and retweets you get of course only the future can tell, but we here at Bit Rebels are looking forward to a more stylish and updated website Twitter button kit.

Here is the full description of the changes that have been made to the Tweet and Follow buttons as written by Twitter.

  • It’s a visual refresh that unifies the Tweet and Follow Buttons into a similar look and feel. The new button will be grey with a blue Twitter logo. The aqua blue Tweet button color will be deprecated.
  • The Follow Button will bring the @username inside the button, and place the follower count inside a bubble next to the button, just like the Tweet Button. This only applies to buttons that are already showing the @username or follower count. You can learn how to configure these options on our Follow Button documentation page.

The Newly Designed Twitter Buttons



  • Improved mobile and retina display support for the iPhone.
  • Switching from button sprites to HTML & CSS which will bring better accessibility, readability, and language support for more locales.

Header Image: [Richard Darell for Bit Rebels]