Twitter Tools for Sharing

Here are some cool tools that you can use to share files, photos, documents using twitter third party applications.

The First one is anything and everything. Selecting what to post: pic, vid, aud, doc etc. Uploading, capturing, emailing and/or posting what you selected… and sharing it with everyone, and keeping it all in the same place.   How do I use You can post pictures, videos, documents, audio and polls to by quickly filling out our super simple form on the home page.  How do I create an account?   If you have a Twitter account then you already have a account, just Sign in to using Twitters’ preferred Sign in method without even sharing your password.

tiptop_logoTipTopSM is a real-time Twitter based search tool helping people find interesting and useful answers to their questions, filtered from conversations people are currently sharing on Twitter. It is based on the idea that people should have a simple way to share their everyday experiences with others who are interested in learning from them without searching the entire Internet.  TipTop Technologies, Inc. is an emerging Silicon Valley-based company founded during the summer of 2008, whose first consumer-facing product on the Internet was launched at in June 2009. Through building some unique and powerful technology at the outset, TipTop is well-positioned to take up a leadership position in the growing market of semantic-driven products both in the consumer and the enterprise space.


Have you ever created a document that was really good, but still felt that something was missing from it? Well, now you don’t have to worry, thanks to a free online tool that lets you share and collaborate  documents via the Twitter social networking Web site.

FileTwt – A twitter application which allows twitter users to upload a file and tweet about it automatically to their twitter account for free. FileTwt also allow users to send file links as direct messages for sharing private files.  Included a video for your appreciation.