Twitter vs Love | According to Google

It’s no secret that many of us spend a lot of time on Twitter and we truly can’t imagine our lives without it. We wake up in the morning, we get on Twitter. Right before we go to sleep at night, we check our Twitter. At the same time, according to the New York Times, the number of people getting married over the past few years has decreased and the number of divorces and single people continues to increase.

Is it possible that Twitter is becoming an acceptable substitute for finding love? After all, a lot of us Twitterholics get our needs met on Twitter including friendships, companionship and a sense of community. How much time do you spend on Twitter?

If you really want the answer, you can visit the awesomely useless site: I put in my Twitter username, and this is what it said:

“Diana Adams has 20,507 total tweets and assuming she spent an average of 30 seconds per tweet she’s spent 615,210 Seconds or 10,254 Minutes or 170.89 Hours or 7.12 Days using Twitter! Wow. 7.12 days? Why don’t you leave some Twitter for someone else, you tweethog.”

Wow. That sounds like I’m having a real relationship with my Twitter. I decided to turn to Google’s auto-suggest for some clues. If you are unfamiliar with this feature, you just go to Google and type in “who are?” or “where are?” or “what are?” and you’ll see what people are thinking about right now.

Back in August, published this photo below of how Twitter compares with love according to Google’s auto-suggest. As you see, Twitter is number one, and love is number four on this list.

August 2009

Although that might sound a bit sad, I took my own screen shot today and my results below offered a happier outcome: Love is number three and Twitter has dropped to number seven.

January 2010

What does this prove about how love and Twitter compare? Nothing really. It’s just for fun. I’m a hopeless romantic. I always vote in favor of true love, so for me, I’m choosing to believe that love will conqueror all, even Twitter.

Thank you to for the beautiful white birds photo above!