#UFO | The New Trend Word of Twitter?

Having a great number of followers on Twitter is great, and I try and connect with as many as I possibly can and have time to. Still, I wish I could connect with more people. I usually see interesting people and tweets all the time, but if I were to connect with everyone, I wouldn’t even have time to breathe. So, here’s the thing. Having a great amount of followers also brings some interesting side effects.

When people don’t like your tweets or if they think you tweet too much (which I clearly do…I’m a Twitter addict and have a sleeping disorder so bear with me), they are very keen on telling you just that, and telling everyone else who follows them too. It’s in their every right to do so, of course, but I sometimes wish I had a comeback for those people. I hate sitting idle by and just…err…having nothing to say. I want to be able to say something with as few words as possible.

This is what I came up with. From now on I am going to use #UFO as my reply. Why? Well, simple really. It has a double meaning, and it’s a fast way to make a point. Not in a bad way, just to sort of make a notation that it wasn’t a nice tweet.

UFO = Unfriendly Follower Opinion

Obviously it also stands for UFO, which I kind of think people are sometimes when they make mean remarks about what you choose to tweet and how. Twitter is the fastest growing social networking site because of one thing… because we are allowed to share our unpolluted opinion to our followers. If they are doing it, why shouldn’t you, right?

My hope is to get this one to stick so that everyone knows that when it’s used, it just means…well yeah…”Unfriendly Follower Opinion.

Now, what’s your opinion? ;)