The Ultimate History Of Facebook [Infographic]

I guess we have gone a few rounds when it comes to putting Facebook under the eye of a microscope. The public is constantly scrutinizing this global phenomenon looking for flaws, fails and ways to make other social networking services overtake their impressive success. That has always been the case with success. You can make 99 miracles and one mistake in your life, and people will always remember that one mistake. Is that a part of the ultimate history of Facebook?

Ah, the movie, yes. Everyone talked about The Social Network movie and how that was the ultimate history of Facebook. According to Mark Zuckerberg himself (and I guess some of the other co-founders as well), it was an exaggerated version of something that was angled to make Facebook, and of course Mark himself, look bad. Or did it?

Facebook has always been a weird company. They do things that no one else would do, and they make it work. How is that possible? Well, the history of Facebook might just have to answer that question. They do it by sheer number of people accessing their website. They could launch a 24k palm computer and still make people buy it because it’s cool. Or as it is said in the movie, just because we don’t know what it can be yet.

The ultimate history of Facebook has a whole lot of information that we haven’t been told before, or at least I am sure it does. Heck, we’re all creating history with our own timelines right now, on Facebook. The most comprehensive history of Facebook might be a freshly presented infographic called, well, The Ultimate History Of Facebook, by MyLife. It may very well fill in some blanks that the movie didn’t really cover.

No matter how you look at it, Facebook certainly has accomplished things that no other social networking service has managed to accomplish yet. The fact that Facebook now has over 1 billion users should be a testament to that. People say there will soon be another social networking service that will overtake Facebook. As much as that would be cool, I doubt we’ll see that within the next 10 years or so. It is just too damn big, but more eye catching miracles than that have happened, so we’ll see.

Could This Be The Ultimate History Of Facebook?

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