Unique Twitter Birds for Your Inspiration

I wrote this article to help boost your creativity when you are on Twitter. For those who have come to love the site and use it as often as I have, you will agree that we like seeing the blue bird that we’ve come to know as the symbol of Twitter. Did you know that a team of biologists have done some research and found several species that might be the Twitter bird?

As one of the biologists says “About the closest thing you’ll find is the Mountain Bluebird from western Canada/U.S. The big difference with the Twitter bird is the beak color (black vs. yellow).” – Colin

You can read more about their findings on the article NCC and the Twitter Bird – Solving the mystery of the bird that goes “Tweet”. That just goes to show that a lot of people are interested in the Twitter bird! I put together some cool Twitter birds here that were photographed and designed by people who use or just plain love Twitter.

Creativity is endless. If you have made a Twitter bird of your own and would like to share it with us, please feel to do that here. One of the Twitter birds below was created by me and one was created by @cheth who is one of my favorite designers.

Main Image Source – Twitter Bird 1

Image Source – Twitter Bird 2

Image Source – Twitter Bird on A Chair

Image Source – TwitterBird

Image Source – Cheth studios

Image source – Mistygirlph

Image Source – Twitter Bird