Unique Ways to Use Twitter!

If you  read my post on the 10 Different Ways to Use Twitter here on Bit Rebels, you will notice that there are comments on the post asking for other unique ways to use Twitter. Twitter is one great platform to engage and share information, but now users dictate how it is used.

There are a lot of interesting activities that you can do on Twitter, you have so many options that can make your tweeting experience fun and productive. I know so many people who have not tried the possibilities of Twitter as a brand or a marketing tool that would say it is a big waste of time.

Twitter is growing, people love the way that it is short, fast and easy way to get a message to hundreds if not millions of people in one tweet!

1. Track conversations and trending topics – Have you tried the Twitter search? This allows you to see what is trending in terms of traffic.  The majority of people use # (hash tags) to track conversations about a topic. Topics can range from news, tech updates, events, etc… that people are conversing about. Twist, Klout are some of the tools too that you can use.

2. Do interviews/Create a poll! – Do you own a blog? Do you want to get the opinion of people? Just tweet a question and people will answer, most specially, if it is something that they know will be of help to them, or if it is relevant. One tip though, make sure that you converse with the people you follow and to those who follow you.

3. Customer Service – Some brands have already gotten on to Twitter and have used the social media platform as a customer service medium. They can use Twitter to allow people to give them feedback real time.

4. Track Statistics – Is this really possible? Yes it is. There are tools now that allow you to get the stats of your tweets. How many people reacted, retweeted and conversed with you because of one tweet? This helps you measure what your audience is picking up on and what messages they are responsive to. There is Hootesuite and other 3rd party apps.

5. Announce product launches or events – You can send links related to your products. You have an event? Why not let people know about it if they are in your area? Twitvite and other tools are available. They can shorten your message for you. This is best used if you have a product innovation that is worth telling people about.

You see, you are not limited to just sharing links on Twitter, you can do so much more. One just needs to be creative and resourceful. If you have other unique ways that you have used Twitter, we are more than happy to know them. Please share them with us and our readers by leaving a comment.

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