Use Emoticons To Share on The Web!

Have you noticed that sometimes we are judged or looked at based on how we feel? Let me elaborate. If you Tweet, people seem to add smileys to show how they feel. it is either by using the =) when happy or =( when they feel sad. We not only do this on Twitter and FaceBook, but often times we also use emoticons when we send text via our mobile phones.

Using emoticons are powerful. It immediately tells others what you are feeling with the simple use of symbols.

Over time, the symbols have already created a great way to interact with our friends and family when we are online or mobile.  I found a site that now allows you to share information you find on the web by tagging it based on how you feel. The site is called Emotify.

It is also simple to use.  All you need to do is tag content using one of the emoticons that you see below.    I have also included some video demos that can help you see how the application works! Check it out and see if it works for you!

Image Source: Pucca Emoticons

Emotify Overview from Shaan Siddiqui on Vimeo.

Create an EmotiPack on Emotify from Shaan Siddiqui on Vimeo.