View Your Twitter & Facebook Feed As A Star Wars Intro Scroll

For a while, I was using TweetDeck as my main client for tweeting and retweeting. However, it suddenly started to crack down on me when I seemingly reached too many followers. Then I switched to Seesmic which I was once again able to use. But, as soon as I settled into it, tweets started to disappear and private messages didn’t get delivered either in or out. So, I had to switch once again. I don’t know if it’s the software or the load of followings/followers that is to blame here, but I retreated back to the Twitter online client. That seemed to be able to do some of the things I wanted to do. However, as with everything online, it’s quite limited to what you can actually do with it, but I am good for now while I look for something else to use.

These Twitter client giants aren’t the only ones on the market. So, I set out to see if I could find something a little bit more creative, and boy did I find something. I actually found a way to view my Facebook and Twitter feeds in the style of the Star Wars intro! Yup, that is right, and it’s called Kinect Star Wars. It’s an app available to all major smartphone users. The Android and iPhone version were released on the 19th, so just head over to the app store and grab it. It’s actually Star Wars with an accompanying Facebook or Twitter feed reader.

How cool is it to see those tweets fly by like a boss while you are twittering away your most personal information? It’s definitely the cool of the day, and I am sure we’ll see a lot more of these apps if this one become the success it’s destined to be. It’s exactly what I have been waiting for, a more creative way to use my Twitter or Facebook instead of being locked down to the usual and sometimes massively boring user interfaces that don’t really do anything to sprinkle that visual sense we most likely are dying to fuel. It’s been way too long, and it’s about time someone started to do something more creative with these social networking giants.




Via: [Google Play] Top Image: [Pocket Lint]