What Your Facebook Likes Say About You [Infographic]

You might think your privacy settings on your social networking services keep you safe from people who are trying to figure out everything about you but think again. Even if you don’t share anything personal on any social networking profiles, there are still ways for people to figure out who you are, what you like and what you are like. You can especially see it when you look at your Facebook likes. If you are able to decipher them correctly, they can tell you a great deal about yourself.

This “discovery” comes from researchers over at Cambridge University, and it is based on several statistical models they have created. They are able to pretty much tell exactly who you are, and what you are like. The models themselves are able to pinpoint your personality by analyzing the pages and posts that make up your Facebook likes.

It’s another wake up call for people who think their information on social media is completely anonymous. Think of it as a structured bot that will run through your Facebook likes and shares and collect all the data it needs to determine who you are and what you are all about. It then spits out a personality profile unlike any other.

This has of course been used long before Facebook launched their Graph Search feature, as we all know. By looking and analyzing Facebook likes, the team of researchers have been able to create a map of what people, on average, are most likely to like and share on Facebook depending on their personalities.

When applied correctly, their findings can paint a pretty revealing picture of you and share information about you that you might not feel comfortable sharing with other people. Have a go at it yourself! This infographic, called Facebook Likes: How Revealing Can They Be? was put together by Wishpond. As you can see, your Facebook likes reveal a whole lot about you, even though you haven’t disclosed any of it on your Facebook profile.

The Revealing Force Of Your Facebook Likes 


Via: [visual.ly]