Social Discovery Tools Will Rejuvenate Any Following [Infographic]

Social media is an ever evolving technology. The tools available today are way more advanced than what they were at the beginning of the social media era. This collaborative technology has become the backbone of the Internet, and it drives hundreds of millions of people to continuously get updates, check news and connect over the Internet. It’s easy to see why it is so addicting, and it’s not hard to imagine that in 10 years from now social media will be in a whole different place than where it is today. The latest in developments are actually the social discovery tools that keep popping up all over the Internet. These are tools that will help you find and connect with people who possibly fit you the best.

Social discovery tools are definitely a hot topic right now, and it’s with good reason too. If you are tired of trying to find people to connect with who you know share the same interests, goals or that are in the same business, social discovery tools are just the thing for you to check out. It’s definitely a way to supercharge your following and community in a matter of seconds. However, there are a bunch of tools out there, all with their own specific features. They even cater to different categories of content and interests, so finding the right tool is vital if you want to make sure you maximize your success from the tools you choose.

In my search for a better understanding of this complex sea of tools, I was given a tip of where to start looking. I was presented with an infographic that not only introduced me to the whole social discovery circus, but also where and what tools to try out for certain areas of interest. It’s an infographic called Social Discovery: The Serendipity And Science Behind The Social Internet and was brought to my attention by Glimpse (Social Discovery Conference).

Social discovery tools are a form of Internet algorithm driven tools that focus on facts and statistics. Through analysis, they derive what content, people and websites (and more) you like, and then they take those statistics and match them to their database of already existing users. That way, you will be paired with the most likely fit whom you can connect with on whatever social networking service you use. The idea is simple, but the algorithms can be as advanced as the Google search algorithm itself. How advanced it is entirely comes down to how narrow the social discovery tool wants to make your search.

So, if you are interested in supercharging your following and community with people who are interested in the same things as you are, then you should definitely have a look at this infographic. It presents a lineup of great social discovery tools that will most likely rejuvenate your online presence instantly. But as always, if you don’t connect and interact, there is little to be gained from social networking. Social discovery tools are just that, tools. Use them right, stay present, and make sure you follow up and you will soon see some great results.

Glimpse’s Social Discovery Tools Infographic

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