What Facebook Would Look Like At The North Pole

It’s quite interesting that each year we are mobilizing so much effort into making the perfect Christmas, and every year as we grow older, we try harder and harder to find that Christmas spirit. It’s like its shine is slowly fading, yet the glow is still there, if you know what I mean. We keep asking ourselves, “Is there such a thing as a perfect Christmas?” As kids, the spirit is there whether we wanted it or not. However, as we get older, it’s simply the gatherings that cheer us on. Everyone knows that Santa Claus only comes to those who believe in him, right? When do we stop believing in him? Who is responsible for us starting to not believe?

Well, it might not matter too much these days since there are Santas around Christmastime pretty much in every corner of the world. However, what is going on over at the North Pole around Christmas and how can you tell it’s getting close to Christmas? You could always check into Facebook, hit up Santa’s Facebook page (after all, pretty much everyone in the civilized world has a Facebook account these days), and you could see what the conversation is all about.

Or, isn’t it that easy? Maybe you can’t find the “real” Santa Claus Facebook page due to the massive increase in fraud pages being created during the holiday season. Never worry, I have dug up the real thing and taken a screenshot of it (alright, it wasn’t me… but there is a screenshot) that might activate those smile muscles of yours. See, there really is a Santa! So next year, you might want to play nice or there won’t be any Christmas presents for you. Hmm… Enjoy!

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The North Pole Facebook Page

Via: [Flowtown]