What If Social Media Sites Were Your Neighbors? [Infographic]

It has never struck me before, but I suppose people have different relationships with their online experiences. I mean, when it comes to social networking, there are a whole lot of different approaches that make the experience quite unique. There are also a lot of different social networking services that have different uses and purposes. For example, Facebook (when it was launched) was made available for students at Harvard to connect. It has of course grown to become the biggest social networking site on the Internet, and it is now incorporating a ton of other features and approaches.

However, if you were to label the different social networking services like neighbors, I think you would have a whole lot of different people living in your building. Just have a look at the infographic that ColumnFive put together for everyone’s viewing pleasure. If you look at each social media site represented on this infographic, you will have yourself an “aha” experience. Why? Because for the most part, what they have written about each site is absolutely true.

Twitter is probably my favorite. “That constant cacophonous chatter coming from the next apartment…” couldn’t be more spot on, don’t you think? It is apparent that we perceive the social media sites differently depending on how many people we are connected to. Also, depending on how active you are, there is of course more “chatter” on Twitter than on Facebook, but it is all relative I think. The more people you have decided to connect with, the more chatter there will obviously be, but at least to me, that is ALL good! I like a lively social network, and that’s why I am connected to the most “chattery” ones. So keep being awesome people! Give us a shout anytime, and we’ll be sure to do our best to reply. We love connecting!

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Social Media Sites As Neighbors

Via: [Visua.ly]