What Type Of Twitterer Are You? Find Out Here!

Twitter is fast growing and even in my country it is now ranked number 8 on the scale of the most used sites (from digital lab stats presented last April 16). Just last year it was not even in the top 10. It is amazing how the social media platform has given millions of people the opportunity to share information and engage with so many people in real time. I love the fact that one can communicate in short bursts of 140 characters at a time.

I have been active on Twitter since 2008, and I can say that the use of Twitter has evolved tremendously. There are no rules and one can truly use it the way he or she feels is appropriate. We have our own ways of sharing content to the people that follow us. Some appreciate our so called tweets while others unfollow us because they get annoyed or simply do not want to listen to what we have to say. The inspiration for me in writing this article is the guy who shared with me just two weeks ago. He told me that he was unfollowing me because of one tweet about the iPad. Although I think it was nice of him to mention that to me, I don’t think people should focus on just one tweet. In my experience on Twitter, I have noticed the varying types of Twitterers (twitter users) based on the way they tweet. Let us look at them now.

1. The Content Provider – These are the users who provide mostly links in their tweets. You rarely see them converse with people in their streams. Most of the people I follow are content providers, not only providing links but also providing their own material.

2. The Twitter DJs – These are users who literally just share music to their followers. They love music and share their feelings and thoughts through that medium. They appreciate music and they fill the Twitter universe with it.

3. The Retweeter – These are users who retweet useful content to their followers and show appreciation to the Twitter users who share great links.

4. The Time and Weather Announcers – These are users that just shares time and weather to their followers.

5. The Quotes and Inspiration Giver – I love it when I see quotes being shared on Twitter, specially at times when we need them.

6. The Help Brigade – These are people who are always ready to give a helping hand. They are people who share value by wanting to help other people, the environment, a cause etc…

7. The Conversationalist – This is the person who engages and converses much more than they share links and facts. They love engaging people and they follow and those that follow them.

I believe I fall in the category of 1, 3 and 7. I enjoy sharing links as well as retweeting and conversing with people. I have followed a lot of people from different worlds and niches and the main reason is that I am very friendly and I love diversity. I know that in one way or another, we will learn together. Balance is key in everything we do, even on Twitter. So let me now throw the question back at you – What Type of Twitterer are you?

Main Image Source Twitter Bird?