Why It’s Important To Complete Your Twitter Profile

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about following someone on Twitter? Their profile, right? You want to see what the person is about, and if they posted a personal avatar of themselves as well. When you take the time to fill out your bio on Twitter and write little bits of interesting information about yourself, it gets others interested in you also. You are suddenly worth their follow.

If you don’t take that small amount of time to fill out your Twitter profile then why should someone else take the time to follow you? Twitter gives you 160 characters to write a bio, and you can use that for anything you want to say to describe yourself. My advice? Use all those characters and be interesting. Peek people’s curiosity about you. Make them want to know more. This will gain you their follow.

My recommendation for filling out your bio:

Even though people can’t see you, they want to be able to develop a friendship with the person they are following. You can help them do this by being yourself, explaining what makes you unique, what your passion is in life, why you use Twitter, and many other things that could make you stand out as different than others.

Your Twitter avatar:

Just as people want to learn about you, they also want to see you. Most people don’t want to follow an egg (the default avatar). They want to know who you are and what you look like. Take the time to put a picture of yourself up on Twitter. Show people who you are through the camera lens. Believe me, you will be surprised how many more followers you’ll get just from doing this one little thing. I am fortunate that my friend Paul does excellent photography work, and he was kind enough to offer me his services to help with my Twitter photo that you see displayed. If you’d like to get his help, you can find him at Paul Palm Springs Photo.

Filling out and completing your Twitter bio
is just as important as how you tweet.

Most people won’t take you seriously if you don’t show them a picture of you and give them a bit of background about who you are. Your Twitter peeps want to get to know you, so show them who you are.

Fill Out Twitter Profile Important

Image Credit: [Media Bistro]