Why Pinterest Is So Addictive [Infographic]

Yesterday I talked a little about the fact that social media addictions are increasing at a fast pace in our society. People are completely immersing themselves in this never ending format of worldly interaction. Never before have we been able to interact on such a large scale like we can do today, and maybe that is the reason why we are suddenly finding ourselves addicted to it. It’s not just in small numbers either. More and more people are losing sleep because of their urge to check their friends and loved one’s status updates, tweets or pins. It has become a secondhand  chore in our every day lives. For some people, the addiction has caused both mental and physical strain since they can’t really function properly at work or in their spare time.

Pinterest, as we have concluded a lot lately, is fast becoming one of the giants in social networking, but with that comes with addiction as well. It’s both a good and bad omen, and we aren’t completely sure where it is heading yet. There’s no doubt it is good for innovation that people are getting addicted to a service, but it’s when the addiction gets ridiculously out of control that we start seeing the negative effects of it. So just why is Pinterest so addicting in the first place?

That is a question that FlowTown tries to help explain with their new and fresh infographic called “Why Is Pinterest So Addictive?” designed by Column Five. It’s one of those straight forward infographics that will help you understand why Pinterest has become such a quick and influential social networking site. The fresh statistics are of course a huge reason why so many people are flocking to understand and use this new service. It’s not rocket science really, everyone wants to be where everyone else is hanging out. Whether or not Pinterest is going to be able to match Twitter or Facebook is of course hard to predict; however, they are making great waves right now and at the rate things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pinterest joins the ranks of those other giants in a fairly short period of time.

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Via: [Visual.ly]