Why Your Business Needs A Website To Progress [Infographic]

Do you remember when someone first told you that you could go onto their website for more information? I mean the very first time anyone told you that. Me neither, and it seems it was a million years ago that someone said that. The fact is that it wasn’t too long ago that almost no businesses even had websites. The e-commerce that we know today is fairly new and in its infancy. Some say that the security issues in the beginning of the world wide web kept people from really engaging in commerce on the Internet. However, that is slowly changing and today we’re fairly sure we can be safe on the Internet when using our credit cards to purchase whatever it is that we want to acquire.

Formstack put together an infographic that shows just how small businesses are using the web to find more customers and as a result, earn more revenue. And, also how they are not engaging the new market on the Internet. Personally, I don’t understand why any company or business wouldn’t want a website. Anything that will progress the visibility of a product or service is a positive trend.

The most interesting answer I found on this infographic is the one when asked why they don’t have a website. They  answered “lack of time.” This is, of course, opposite to what they should answer in my humble opinion. I mean, can they really waste time NOT being present on the Internet? The trend clearly shows that everything is progressing to an entirely virtualized society, and without a presence there, it will be like you don’t exist at all. It’s truly interesting and especially a good read for companies that do not have a presence on the Internet.

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Why Businesses Need A Website