µWave: The Microwave YouTube Hack

Home entertainment has constantly changed through the years, and the only thing that determines its nature is really technology itself. In the ’70s, the main form of entertainment was the television, no doubt. During the ’80s, it was probably the video player that stood as the main entertainment since you could watch movies that you could previously only watch at the movie theater. Also in the ’80s, a new kind of “entertainment” dawned on us, and it didn’t have to do with anything other than a little box that heated our food (maybe it wasn’t so little back then). Of course, I am talking about the microwave.

It has been the one gadget that has pushed home fast food forward in great leaps, but it could also be deemed the culprit when it comes to people getting ever more overweight. We tend to put everything in that box of awesomeness and watch it spin, and it’s been fascinating for years… for some people. However, now there is a different kind of microwave that’s been created which doesn’t put us through the boring spinning of food. It’s actually a hybrid between YouTube and a microwave, and it is put together, or hacked together if you will, by some technology masterminds whose names I don’t have.

It was presented at the PennApps 2011, and it actually won first place with its quite geeky features. Not only will the screen (which covers the whole microwave window) show you a random YouTube clip matching the time you set your food to cook, but it will also tweet you whenever the food is done. If nothing else, those features are quite useful, but if you think about it, they really don’t go well together. After all, if you’re standing by the µWave watching the YouTube clip then why would you need it to tweet you whenever the food is ready? Well, some things are just made because geeks like these awesome dudes can make them. Simple as that!

YouTube Microwave Video Display Hack

Via: [Geekosystem]