10 Things Everyone Likes About Cyberhostpro

You want to create a website but cannot settle on a hosting service. So many of them exist, each offering different features and rates. Which one do you choose? That’s up to you. But almost everyone loves Cyberhostpro for the following 10 reasons.

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1. Optimized Cache

Most hosting companies maintain separate, though similar, index.php files for each WordPress installation. So during peak traffic, their servers have as many files as there are visitors, resulting in slow loading times. Cyberhost takes a different approach. It loads only one file for all installations, resulting in fast loading times.

2. 24-Hour Support

When choosing a web hosting service, consider how well it supports its clients. Remember, problems arise unexpectedly. In one minute, you may need to reconfigure your website and in the other, to set up email.

Either way, you expect a speedy response from customer support, no matter the time of day. How does Cyberhostpro measure up? It’s on live chat 24-hours a day and responds to support tickets in 30 minutes.

3. Optimized Images

Images present a unique problem to a hosting service. Ideally, it wants to display them in high-resolution for optimal user experience. But displaying such large images at once slows downloading speed. What is Cyberhostpro’s solution? It optimizes images as you upload them. So they don’t compromise your site’s performance.

4. Free CDN

Integration To improve your site’s performance, Cyberhostpro includes Content Delivery Network (CDN) protocols into its services. And in case you’re wondering, a CDN is a network of distributed servers, each containing a cached version of your website. So when visitors access your site, they do so from the nearest server, reducing the site’s loading speed.

5. Website – Optimized Servers

Besides CDN integration, how else does Cyberhostpro optimize its servers for performance? Through a host of features, including Litespeed modules, OP Cache, and PHP 5.6. Combined with the optimized cache we saw earlier, these features boost your site loading and rendering speed.

6. High-Speed Server Hardware

The hosting service has one more performance tweak for its servers – the hardware itself. Remember, new servers perform better than older ones and with reason. They have more processing power, more memory, and larger, more efficient solid state disks. And that’s why the service uses them.

7. Secure Servers

If you’ve used a UK VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting service, then you know how secure it can be. It works by partitioning a server into multiple virtual servers, each capable of running apps and an operating system. It then allocates one of these servers to your site.

Granted, you share resources like processing power and RAM with other sites. But you receive an exclusive, secure space, which only you can access. Now, what does this have to do with Cyberhostpro? It offers VPS as well as a secure file system.

8. Robust Firewall

A secure filing system and VPS aren’t enough to stop every threat out there. Despite your best efforts, some still make it into the server. So does Cyberhostpro stop them? With a robust firewall that updates twice an hour.

9. Automatic Updates

Updating a site’s plugins, themes, and content management system keeps it secure. Yet how many of us bother with this important task? Sadly, not too much and with reason. Besides being tedious and time-consuming, keeping a site up-to-date requires know-how, which not everyone has. For this reason, cyberhostpro updates all sites automatically.

10. Automatic Data Backup

All the above benefits are of little use if you don’t back up your data. But how many of us do? Few, if any. Instead, we leave it to hosting services like Cyberhostpro to do it for us.

Selecting a hosting service has never been easy. But given the many services available today, it’s even harder. However, there’s a way around the problem. Go for the service which packs as many features as possible.

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