10 Things to Love – iPhone 3.0

The iPhone buzz was felt just as soon as the 3.0 software was released.  Everyone wanted their hands on the much awaited update. According to T3 Magazine here are the top 10 things to love about the iPhone 3.0.  Do you agree with them?

#1 – The Cut, Copy and Paste Feature – Select entire blocks of web text with a tap. Copy and paste images from the web, too.

#2 – Movies directly to your iPhone – Convenience is key here.  No need to download movies from your cmputer.

#3 – MMS – Send MMS messages and include photos, audio, and contact info.2 Even tap to snap a picture right inside Messages.

#4 – Push Notifications – Now you can recieve alerts directly to your homescreen of important happenings in the key fixtures. Handy.

#5 – Remote wipe – Security is key. Upon discovering the loss, you can now remote wipe the important info from your computer.

#6  Tethering – Turn your iPhone into a USB dongle and piggyback on the 3G connection.

#7  Sherlock is back – Searching the phone will scan your contacts, media, notes, calendar and most importantly your email server for the results you need.

# 8 Google Maps Time saving

#9 Silence -  This new feature allows you to send a message to your phone and it’ll make it’s presence known with a little noise, regardless of the profile setting.

#10 Streaming beauty – Support is included for HTTP streaming which means the phone will automatically detect the best quality settings for audio and video content.

If you have updated your iPhone? Tell us, what is it that you love about it.