120Hz VS 240Hz Monitor Which Is The Best Option?

Before starting the guide here is an introduction about the refresh rate of a monitor. The refresh rate refers to the total number of times your PC refreshes images in one second. Let’s understand it with an example.

A PC that has a refresh rate of 60Hz has the ability to refresh the screen 60 times in just one second that provides smoother than 30Hz or 40Hz devices that mean the higher the refresh rate the better your monitor works.

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Why Are Refresh Rates Crucial To The PC Gamer?

The refresh rate of a PC plays an important role in gaming. The computer with a higher refresh rate takes your gaming to the next level. The higher refresh rate of a monitor refreshes your screen many times in one second that provides you faster and better gaming experiences. If you are searching for a gaming PC then you must buy a PC that comes with a higher refresh rate for boosting your gaming experience.

Motion Blur

The main cause of the motion blur is the slow refresh rate or slow response time. Slower response time allows your pixel to take more time to change from previous state to a new state that causes motion blur.

Response Time

The response time refers to the time taken of a single-pixel to change from its previous state to an updated state. This also impacts the color effect of the display. The pixels are measured in milliseconds (ms).

Do You Really Need A 120 Hz Or 240 Hz Monitor?

It also eliminates screen tearing that helps you in enjoying the best gaming experiences but if you are not a gamer then you don’t have to waste unnecessary money on buying a higher refresh rate like 240 Hz.

While playing games, most of the gamers experience the motion blur that spoils the gaming experiences. The one and only solution to this problem are to increase your monitor’s refresh rate so that you can’t see any lag or motion blur while playing your favorite games.

The best refresh rate of the monitor that you should buy is 240 Hz. If you have the budget to buy a 120 Hz budget gaming monitor then you should buy as you can enjoy both gaming as well as other work experiences. Our prime purpose is to save your money and provide the best performance at a cheap price.

So, there are many great IPS displays of 60Hz panels available in the market that are much better than most of the 120 Hz monitors. Also, For a full gaming setup, you can buy this gaming chair, gaming monitor, and gaming headset for a comfortable gaming experience during long-hour sessions.

Why Is The Refresh Rate So Important?

As we have already discussed that the refresh rate refers to the total number of times your PC refreshes images in one second. The role of the refresh rate is double when we talk about the CRT monitors that are Cathode Ray Tube monitors because in CRT monitors the low frequency produces flickering on the screen. Therefore,  if we increase its frequency then the flickering will be automatically eliminated.

Nowadays the new LCD monitors do not produce flickering even with the low frequency but as we have already discussed earlier also that the higher refresh rate of the screen will provide better performance and image quality. This is the reason that gaming PCs provide a higher refresh rate of 144 Hz to 240 Hz.  The minimum refresh rate of the screen that is needed to view 3D images is 120Hz.


The best refresh rate of the PC that you should buy is from 144Hz to 240Hz. These refresh rates help in improving response time and eliminating motion blur. The number of changes in the frames in one second is called its refresh rate and a higher refresh rate increases the count of frames in one second.

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