17 Year Old Builds Remote Controlled Lawn Mower

Do you remember when you were 17 years old, and you had a bundle of ideas locked up inside your head? All you could think about was whether or not someone else would actually create them, but you never really put the work into it to create them yourself. Well, that’s what sets some of us apart from Aaron Lemke. He is a young and brilliant student who decided to realize his dreams of creating a remote controlled lawn mower. If that’s not inspiring, what is?

The project, which took about 3 years of planning, was brought together by a pile of junk parts and a good use of eBay. As always, there were some bumps in the road that had to be corrected, but Aaron kept believing in his idea, and he stuck with it. Several failures and redesigns later, his idea was clear as day, and it looks like the most fun way to cut your lawn ever.

So how did he do it? In addition to using an old rugged lawn mower and his brother’s crashed car, he and his brothers disassembled their old weight bench to get the other parts needed. They carefully put these together, and a new breed of lawn mower was born. Now to all you couch potatoes dreaming of owning one of these badboys… this is a one off and I doubt this awesome kid will let you borrow it, let alone buy his brilliant creation. I am in awe!

Header Image Credit: [PHOTOCREO Michal Bednare / Shutterstock]