The NEW Electrical Dyson Lawn Mover Is Awesome!

Now that we are all environmentally aware, we always try to figure out the next product that we can make pollution free. Now it’s the lawn mower’s turn. That’s right! The gas driven lawn mower is no longer a feasible machine due to its high pollution gas engine. It’s easy, yes, but imagine millions and millions of people cutting their grass each year and then imagine how much we would cut down on pollution if we decided to take another approach.

That’s exactly what the master designer Jacob M Lalinsky has done. He has taken the traditional lawn mower and made it electrical, and let me tell you, it’s nothing but awesome! Even the design of it is inspirational and futuristic. It is, of course, entirely electric and has everything your gas driven lawn mower has, with the slight difference that it is better.

We can just hope that it will see the light of day for real and not just be on a piece of paper and in a 3D software. It’s far too cool to be left in the dust while we ferociously pollute our planet just because we’re too lazy to push a traditional man powered lawn mower. Get your butt of the chair and vote for this one. Send Jacob an email and tell him it’s awesome and that you want one. It’s worth it I tell you! (PS: This is a concept idea and has nothing to do with the company “Dyson“, who owns the trademark.)