26 GPS Navigators In One Car – Can You Ever Get Enough?

Do you have a GPS navigator in your car? Maybe you even have two. Well, why would you have two you might ask? The answer to that question is quite simple. Because you can. Who knows, one of them might show you the wrong way and then you’ll probably get lost and… oh you get the picture I am sure. There are even people that are willing to spend a hefty buck on actually going way beyond that.

How about… 26 GPS navigators in the same car?! Yeah that’s right. You can never have enough navigators to get you to your destination safe and sound. When I first saw this clip, I was amazed at how similar every GPS sounds, feels and tells the route to your destination. So what is the difference one might ask? I don’t have a clue really. Maybe it’s the interface that is different.

This little video installation is downright outrageous and annoying (to say the least). It is an amazing display of how you can go about your every day driving in a future where everything, every gadget and everyone is speaking to you while you are driving. This might even put you as close as you will ever get to being in an airplane cockpit. It’s over 9 minutes of driving with annoying GPS instructions… so brace yourself and buckle up!