Now You Will Always Know Where Your Balls Are

I was not one of those European soccer playing lads when I was younger. I stayed on the track and field doing my best shed some time off of my hundred meter runs and long jump. I was fairly good and at least got the bragging rights of a school record back in school. But, every so often I catch a game on the television when it’s country vs country, not so much team vs team. I guess I have too much energy to just sit in front of the television trying to take it easy. Too boring I think.

But, the times that I do I usually enjoy it as it is in my country’s best interest that I cheer for them. I’ve seen a load of games that people have argued should end differently as they thought the ball were inside the goal line while others promptly protests against it. These are the things that makes the games so unreliable sometimes and bringing so much unfairness into soccer.

Well, some designers decided to put a stopper in all this and came up with the CTRUS Football. A football enhanced with GPS and a transparent shell that would make it ultimately easier to measure and see if the ball were ever inside the goal. While I cab see a huge potential in this concept design there is however some doubt that it, at this stage, will enter the official and professional league of football. Why? Well, for starters, professional football players have gotten so good at handling the ball that it’s dangerously important that the ball itself performs like they really want it to. If we were to take a few steps back in the technology and development of the football just to fit a GPS inside the ball then I am sure the game would suffer tremendously. Some may even lose interest in the sport and choose other endeavours.

The concept however is genius and would serve its cause quite well. The transparent shell of the ball would certainly help clarify whether the ball were inside the goal line in a slow motion playback and the GPS would cut it down even further totally diminishing any doubt about the remaining questions. Now, the problem would be how to center the GPS device correctly not to cause any oval spins around the field…