3 Awesome Technologies All Seniors Should Embrace

Seniors are known for being reluctant when embracing new technologies. Confusing, complex and different, there’s something about technology that seniors shy away from. The issue is that a lot of these technologies can help better a senior’s life.

What technologies should a senior embrace?

A lot, but the few below are a great start.

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1. MedMinder: Pill Dispensing Wizardry

MedMinder is a pill dispensing system that helps seniors stay independent. The system looks simple, but it’s nothing short of wizardry. The dispenser has its own cellular connection that provides everything a person needs to remember their pills, like:

  • Reminders when it’s time to take your medications. MedMinder sends reminders in 30-minute intervals with audio and visual alerts.
  • Multi-week features that provide enough pills for several weeks.
  • Refill trays are available that make it easy to reduce medication errors.
  • Locked pill dispensing that allows all compartments to be locked.
  • Greetings that can be recorded to provide feedback, medication reminders, and even a personal message.
  • Medical alerts that are provided with a push of a button. This provides a two-way voice channel between a person and a medical professional.

You can have multiple caregivers, view online reports of medication taking, and so much more. If you or someone you love takes a lot of pills, MedMinder is a great option.

2. Reminder Rosie: Never Forget Anything Again

Reminder Rosie is your personal reminder, and if a person suffers from memory loss or is just forgetful, Reminder Rosie can help. Acting as a personal voice reminder, this technology offers a voice controlled reminder system.

Simple to use, this hands-free solution will remind you when it’s:

  • Time to take medication
  • Time to perform everyday tasks
  • Time for an appointment

You’ll never forget an important appointment again with Reminder Rosie. Rosie can be initiated from 100 feet away, and she can hold up to 25 reminders at a time. A great example of this is when a daughter visits her mother.

The daughter can set a reminder, in their own voice, that will tell their mom at 2:30 PM that:

  • It’s time to go to the doctor
  • Don’t forget to bring your prescription
  • Don’t forget to turn off the stove before you leave

And if an elder person has a caretaker come a few times a week, they can leave messages for every day of the week. “Don’t forget to order your bed pads on Tuesday. You’re running low,” may be a message left as a simple inventory reminder.

If a person’s memory isn’t what it once was, Reminder Rosie can help.

3. Fitbit: It’s Time to Get Moving

Fitbit brings fitness to a person’s wrist, and the watch will remind a senior when it’s time to get moving. A major problem among seniors is that they forget just how long they’ve been sitting. A simple episode of a person’s favorite television show can lead to hours in front of the television.

Fitbit’s watches and wrist wear will alert a person of:

  • Activity: food, weight, sleep, activity and daily exercise
  • Progress: charts and graphs are presented on the Fitbit dashboard

Fitbit will sync stats with your phone and computer, track your goals and progress and inspire you to reach your goals.

It’s a great way to stay motivated and get moving.

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3 Awesome Technologies All Seniors Should Embrace

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