3 Extensions Every New Business Using Google Chrome Needs

Entrepreneurs need to utilize the right tools in order to grow. Business processes are speeded up, therefore, better revenues are generated in the long run. Fortunately, entrepreneurs of this day and age are well aware of dynamics of technology, especially Chrome extensions, which allow software tools to be layered over web pages.

Users have more enhanced experiences on the website using Chrome extensions. Whether starting a new company or running an existing one, extensions help to work more efficiently and effectively.

Here are the 3 extensions every new business must look forward to achieving pinnacles of success.

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1. VPN For Google Chrome

A browser VPN extension enables the user to connect with a VPN server allowing unrestricted access to content. It also provides better security all across the web. It is unquestionably essential for users as it doesn’t only provide easy access to any content online but also ensures online anonymity making it more secure and protected. It allows the user to reach every corner of the world by surpassing restrictions without any hassles. It makes accessing the websites a lot easier and streaming favorite media an absolute possibility. Traffic sent and received over browser is securely encrypted as well making each and every operation carried over the Internet as safe as possible.

Fortunately, there is a multitude of VPN extensions that users can choose from, each coming with a different variety of features, however, a nominal price may be attached with it.

2. Meetingbird

Scheduling a meeting becomes pretty much difficult if a lot of participants are involved at once. Looking into each person’s availability can be a challenging task. Meetingbird is one of the popular Chrome extensions that can help plan and book meeting within a blink of any eye. It works in conjunction with Gmail letting to share availability with others and enabling them to choose their preferred meeting time.

Possible meeting times can be selected by popping into the Google Calendar from the inbox. It also allows you to insert available time into an email. Recipients can directly see the times in message. The extension displays a sidebar view of the calendar with extra options for adding reminder emails, scheduling and providing URLs that can be shared. In a nutshell, it is an incredible way to plan and schedule meetings. It is one of the most useful Chrome extensions we have.

3. Office Online

Businesses usually use Microsoft Office. However, sometimes the software is not installed. This is where Office Online extension can work perfectly for you. With this lucrative tool, users can view, edit and create files right from Chrome. Additionally, users can work with Sway Online and OneNote as well.

The toolbar button must be clicked and the web application must be chosen you would like to open. A list of recent documents can also be seen. However, users are required to login with their Microsoft account when the extension is used for the first time. This extension can be beneficial as well even if Microsoft Office is installed on the computer already. It allows efficient viewing of a document and effective editing. In a nutshell, this Chrome extension makes working with Office files a lot easier. It is, in fact, one of the most useful extensions business owners can ever use.

Chrome Extensions – The bottom line

Above were the 3 most useful Chrome extensions every business must make use of. Businesses must make use of technological advancements in order to have a competitive edge in the market. Here were some online instruments that can assist business operations in multiple ways.

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