Chrome Experiment Turns Every Website Into A Maze Game

I think we are all aware of the constant battle that browsers rage on each other. Each browser tries to get all the users, and they promote their browser and features. I think anyone who is browsing the web knows there are more and more browsers made available. It’s a jungle that is sometimes hard to tread. No wonder browsers are trying to promote unique and awesome features. Chrome is the latest one to promote a Chrome experiment that turns every website into a maze game.

Chrome is probably the browser that makes the most addons available that will enhance your browsing experience. Well, Firefox of course has their share of plugins and features as well. Maybe it’s a tie, I don’t know. But the Chrome experiment you’re about to witness is a pretty awesome one. It might not make your browsing experience more optimized, but it will certainly make it a whole lot more amusing.

This Chrome experiment dubbed the World Wide Maze will inject a gaming element into your browsing experience that I don’t think you have seen before. The Chrome experiment pretty much makes any website into a 3D game maze which you can roll your virtual ball through. It’s a pretty unique way to experience websites, that’s for sure. It breaks down the website you chose into a playable 3D maze instantly.

Before you start, the Chrome experiment will ask you to sync your smartphone with it so that you have a console-like way to interact with the ball you’re going to try navigating through the maze. When the Chrome experiment is done breaking down the website, and when you are synced up to the Google experiment engine, you’re ready to kick butt.

It’s worth giving this a try. Why not see if you can navigate the Bit Rebels website maze. That should be a challenge worthy of a geek’s attention, don’t you think? Can you do it? Let us know how you did and what the most difficult website you have played so far is.

Chrome Experiment – World Wide Maze




Via: [psfk]